Affiliates & Sales People

You can sell our book and Phone App on your website, in your shop, or to a shop and make a commission!

The Book

- Website Promotion

We are able to supply online stores with books at a bulk price for resale or post-purchase discount codes as purchase incentives for your travel website. Contact us to find out more.
Alternatively, the simplest way is to sign up to Amazon .com Associates and you can places ads like this one on your website and earn commission:

- In-Store Promotion

If you would like to sell this book (in your book shop, gift shop, hotel or travel agency etc), contact us and we'll negotiate a deal with you.
Books may be re-ordered with your retailer discount code here.

- Sales Person

We're looking for sales people in the Orlando and LA areas who would like to market our book for us and make a good commission that continues even after the initial sale. If you're a friendly sales person who has some spare time to visit the theme park districts near you, contact us!

The iPhone App

- Website Promotion

Sign up with iTunes Affilliate and you can sell our iPhone app and receive a small commission.